In the past few years, Twitter has grown to be a great form of communication. As it becomes more and more popular, users want to post URLs to attract visitors to their site. Consequently, the demand for URL shorteners increases.

Although you can easily generate a short url from or, wouldn’t it be better to send traffic through your own website? This will not only let you track statistics, but it also increases your ranking in systems like Alexa.

In this screencast, we present a simple way to accomplish URL shortening. Often times, this is thought to be an arduous task; not many people are familiar with the underlying process. This screencast debunks any myths and implements a ready-to-use system in under 4 minutes.

For those of you concerned, the following video was taken through screenr with my other Twitter account, which is why you see @ResourceMania (and not @LateralCode) up top.

Please watch the video in HD using the button on the bottom right for optimal quality.

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Screencast: URL Shortening