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Virtual meeting platforms are video-based applications and software that facilitate multiple parties to engage and interconnect in the same virtual space, minus the physical presence. Such software primarily includes video conferencing in addition to a bunch of tools like a chat-box, reactions, virtual whiteboard, and screen sharing. Integral ingredients like internet service, laptops, projectors, tablets, iPads, etc are required to set the meeting in motion. Back and forth communication has never been easier in the business world and virtual meeting platforms are undoubtedly the current rage.

In the digital age, ventures have always used various means to connect and communicate with employees and clients in remote locations. In some cases, virtual meetings are also used for virtual interviews like hiring a logo designer or web developers. However, the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has been an impeccable catalyst in accelerating the demand for virtual meeting platforms. In the present era of social distancing norms, commerce is relying heavily upon these platforms to remain connected, exchange information, use transcription services for customers, and work as a team. This is the need of the hour to ensure the smooth and consistent functioning of operations during this period of uncertainty.

The top 10 virtual meeting platforms in the market are as follows:

  1. Zoom

This one is a popular virtual platform and is infamous for being easily operable. All it takes is a click on a URL generated via Zoom to invite someone to attend a Zoom meeting, even if they are not registered users. Registered users have the advantage of hosting meetings with over 100 people in one room. Attendees have access to amusing tools during the meeting and can simultaneously share messages in the chat-box as well as can screen-share documents. Another fun feature is the breakout rooms, which are handy to host interviews, meetings, and games. Educational institutions also make use of the platform to conduct online lectures for students of every age group owing to its adaptability

2.Google Meet

This is an enhanced version of Google Hangouts. It is one of the most famous and safe alternatives after Zoom. It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and can be accessed in the browser or via the app. Gatherings of up to 250 participants can be hosted on Meet with a variety of features like live captions and anti-abuse tools. Video filters, background effects, and noise-canceling audio filters are some very popular features of Meet. For a business with data security as the top priority, Meet is the perfect option, provided everyone has a Google account.


The original household name for video calls for any occasion, Skype was acquired by Microsoft in 2011. It was once the only and primary option when it came to video calling, but that is not the case anymore. With the emergence of Zoom and continued consumer complaints regarding audio and visual problems, buffering and calls being dropped, Skype lost its original dominance. However, it is all set to make a blazing comeback with video conferencing. Seems like the correct time to reacquaint users with the familiar software and catchy ringtone. Meetings can be done with up to 50 participants now with a generated link, without the requirement of download or registration.

4.Microsoft Teams

This is a sub-feature of the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Teams can hold meetings with over 300 attendees in one space. There is also access for guests, individuals, and team video calls, phone calls, and file sharing. Users can chat during an ongoing meeting with text, emojis and also mark important messages as urgent. Various companies and educational institutes make use of Teams to hold online lectures and webinars.


Slack Connect helps bring communication out of inboxes. It facilitates team members to connect in real-time via messaging tools, adjustable notifications, and multiple office features which comes in handy when working outside organizations. Email traffic among employees is significantly reduced owing to the reliable messaging features. It has phenomenal compliance standards and enterprise-grade security.

6.Cisco Webex

Webex is an extremely reliable platform when it comes to video conferencing without compromising on security, productivity, and quality. It is a user-friendly collaborative workspace with intuitive controls. It combines video conferencing along with messaging, and document sharing. It strongly contrasts with Zoom on the call duration front, which limits calling up to 40 minutes, whereas with Webex time limit constraints don’t exist.


The most fascinating aspect of this virtual platform is the 4K high-resolution video quality it provides. Video conferencing combines high-quality audio, intuitive controls, cloud-based solutions, and great security. Unlimited online meetings can be held with up to 25 people and the algorithm is similar to Zoom. It is more relevant in a remote team building workspace considering its high-definition video which makes one feel like their team members are in the room physically, somewhat. It is phenomenally user-friendly and has a great interface.


It is an audience customer engagement platform suitable for online meetings, seminars, and workshops. It amusingly consists of built-in activities like icebreaker questions, conversation cards, and even polls! A meeting agenda can be set by the host beforehand which allows the attendees to follow along with the scheduled activities. If you’re hosting the meeting, consider using a meeting agenda template to make sure you don’t forget anything. This helps keep the participants informed and engaged throughout the meeting. 


It is one of the simplest to use online meeting platforms and does not require any downloads. It is the perfect platform for less technologically-savvy people since the only features it has is locked rooms and screen sharing. Only 6 people can attend a meeting in one room at a time which works for small virtual meetings or a friends’ meet-up.


With no app or software download requirements, Whereby can be accessed simply through the browser. It is a 4-persons meeting platform, ideal for intimate gatherings or small circle meetings. One can watch YouTube videos simultaneously during the call and also record the entire meeting.

In today’s digital scenario without a deadly virus on the loose, virtual meeting platforms are essential to maintain a constant connection and work with teams as well as keep in touch with distant friends and family. Such platforms allow one to use video calling to chat and communicate using voip solution with people in remote regions. Another possible solution is top virtual receptionist companies as they provide a wide range of online support in marketing, service designing, eCommerce, and more! A lot of time is saved in the online mode since commutation is eliminated. Infinite invitations can be sent out with ease and a ton of people can benefit at the same time. General productivity accelerates and recorded meetings are of assistance to people with hectic and elaborate work schedules.

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Top 10 Virtual Team Meeting Platforms