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As a social media marketer, you must ponder that the content you post on your social media platforms means a lot. It can either make you rule the digital landscape or simply dig a grave for all your social media efforts – there is literally no in-between. Hence, before you aim to shoot your best shot, a strengthened content marketing strategy must be in place to serve as the foundation of your social media presence. 

So, to help you create a convincing starter, below are a few content marketing ideas that can serve you well. 

Inspiring Content Marketing Ideas to Help You Dominate Platforms

Let’s get started. 

  1. Create a Blog

One of the best content marketing ideas is to create a website blog for your business. You can create insightful content pieces and share them on your blog. You can also cross-post the articles on your social media platforms and promote them creatively to reach more audiences. This strategy will help you become visible to relevant leads, creating your identity as a useful and informative resource. 

  1. Share Trending Industry News

Be it a new feature rolling in soon or a platform like Twitter changing its name and symbol to the word ‘X,’ social media has a news buzz trending all over digital media almost every time. In such scenarios, a winning content marketing idea is to share trends and news with your audience through your platform, providing them with timely and authentic information. You can also share your opinion on the updates, opening your platform for discussion with industry leaders and the community around you. 

This technique will urge people to follow you for relevant news and will also increase engagement on your platforms, benefitting you by every means. 

  1. Create Visually-Appealing Video Content

Videos are one of the most-engaged-with forms of content on social media. They appear to be attention-grabbing for the audience scrolling their newsfeeds and looking for quality content. Hence, a winning strategy can be to create videos showcasing your product/service and telling people more about it. 

Incorporate as much storytelling as possible into this content marketing idea and fuel your reach and engagement on social media like a pro. Get your hands on a social media dashboard, and you will see the engagement metrics rising with this content strategy in place. 

  1. Share Customer Feedback

Customer feedback brings credibility to your business on the table. A positive customer review or a testimonial can prove to be a precious source to flex around on your social media platforms. You can use this opportunity as a useful content marketing idea and share the feedback on your social accounts.  

This technique will make your customers feel heard and valued, with new followers being able to know more about your product or service. 

  1. Share Infographics

Keep the long-form content running on your social media platforms, but at the same time, do not forget that not everyone enjoys reading long paragraphs. In this case, opt for one of the most useful content marketing ideas and repurpose your blog posts into infographics. These infographics can be about anything; for example, you can share everyday tips, advice, DIYs, or hacks relevant to your business niche. Create engaging visuals, share insights, and enforce a consistent social media presence with this easy-to-create content type. 

  1. Try Meme Marketing

Modern-day marketing practices differ greatly from conventional practices, and marketers have adapted Gen-Z ideas more to stay in the limelight. In a similar light, humorous content, specifically memes and GIFs, have proved themselves to be a great way of marketing a brand or service and increasing audience interaction. Business managers and marketers have jumped on the meme campaign bandwagon and yielded tremendous results and profitable leads. 

Hence, a portion of your content marketing strategy should be based on humorous content, memes, funny reels, and other such ideas to keep your social media feeds balanced and exciting. 

  1. Collaborate With Other Individuals 

We all know there has been a significant rise in the social media culture of influencers and micro-influencers. The growth has been massive, and today, as a whole. a fraternity of individuals exists who talk about various niches and influence people with their power of words, reliable choices, and credible approach.

Hence, getting such individuals who are relevant to your niche and can be a great resource to endorse your product and introduce it to a newer set of audience onboard can be a winning strategy. These collaborators will create content highlighting your product uniquely yet convincingly, and you will see people opting for your product to test and use. 

  1. Highlight Achievements & Wins

Alongside informative content, it is also important to highlight the wins and achievements of your company within the industry. For example, you must have seen Hootsuite competitors posting about their awards and acknowledgments quite often to present themselves as a growing competitor in the market. You can opt for a similar approach and let people know about your latest wins and achievements, be it as small as a 100K milestone on Instagram or as big as a huge profit in sales. It should be shared so that your audience knows you are working hard and growing each day. 

  1. Celebrate Social Media Holidays

Another fun content marketing idea is celebrating social media holidays on all your social platforms. For example, an in-house Coffee Day or a Clean My Desk Day can be fun to showcase to your audience, urging them to participate and share their celebration with you. You can easily add these holidays to your social media calendar and manage their posting timely across all platforms using an efficient content marketing tool. 

  1. Host Spaces, Lives, and Chats

Engagement on the content you post on social media is ideal, but you can spice up your audience interactions a little by hosting Twitter Spaces, Twitter Chats, and live sessions on Instagram or Facebook. This strategy can prove to be a great source of hype, bringing in one-on-one conversations for your audience and an exclusive opportunity for them to learn. 

All you need to do is choose a topic, get an expert on board, check on necessary technical and creative requirements, and boom, you are all set to host your show and engage with your audience. For example, if your niche resonates with social media marketing, your go-to theme for a live session can be Sprout Social reviews. You can get multiple users of the tool on board and share their experiences of using it with the masses so that more people know about the pros and cons and choose wisely. 

  1. Post About Your Company’s Culture

A buyer usually searches for what the company looks like and how it operates before deciding whether to buy from them or not. Hence, your content marketing strategy should include ideas to promote your company’s culture and help people know more about it. You can post about your team members, their growth and achievements, company milestones, team-building activities, and much more. This tactic will establish your business identity as an encouraging employer with a productive team of individuals working to make customer experiences satisfactory. 

  1. Share Statistics & Facts

Facts and figures never go valueless. They are always a source of useful information for the masses and even your team. Hence, you can utilize your platforms to share statistics, facts, and figures relevant to your business niche with your audience. Conduct thorough research, analyze authentic resources, and bring the best results for your audiences to learn. 

  1. Share Behind-the-Scenes Videos

The BTS videos are always fun and exciting for the audience to witness. They love to see how a product goes through various stages of development and reaches the buyer’s hands. Hence, you can get your creative shoes on and shoot eye-catching BTS videos for your brand to attract the audience and get them some never-seen-before insights. 

  1. Post Polls and Surveys

Well, when you feel you are out of content ideas or do not have the energy to create something for your social media posting, you can simply put up a thought-provoking poll with a CTA for your audience to engage with it. It can be a simple question, a thought open for discussion, or an opinion like ‘Do you think Mondays are boring?’ your audience will have to select either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ only. 

In addition, you can prolong the discussion by sharing the poll results and what you think about it for your audience to have a thought on. 

Wrapping It Up!

The right content marketing ideas running on your social media platforms can be a game-changer if executed correctly. All you need to do is be vigilant of which content ideas can help you grow and which will only waste your time and energy. Hence, sit with your creative team members today to analyze ideas that fit your capacity and interest in the business. Craft a fitting content marketing strategy to generate profitable results and lead your business to a massive growth axis. 

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10 Stellar Content Marketing Ideas to Rule Social Media