In the past few weeks, I have seen many posts addressing the concept of caching. Although it may seem trivial to implement and easy to maintain for some web designers, it is certainly not something everyone is familiar with.

Problem and Solution

The large amount of tutorials have also aroused many different ways to cache. Knowing which ones work effectively can indeed lead to problems. To solve these issues, I spent some time creating a small PHP library, called Lateral Cache, that enables you to have a well organized and sturdy cache with almost no work.


Instead of giving you all a boring lecture on how to use Lateral Cache, I have created a screencast for your enjoyment. I should have some online documentation up (although the PHP files are already well documented) in the near future.

For now, just relax and watch this tutorial. If you like what you see, please download Lateral Cache. It will make me feel that my time was well spent :) !

As always, click the full screen button on the bottom right for greater visibility.

Stay tuned for a written tutorial and some documentation later on!

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Lateral Cache: Now you too can have a well organized cache without the work!