Instagram is a visual platform that fancies social media addicts, brands, businesses, and marketers who promote their content on the network. This platform provides users with UGC from around the globe using hashtags. 

Instagram has many filters, features, stickers, and other effects and helps users click photos, edit them and post them within a few seconds. It is fast and everything is available in one place, fostering user convenience. 

Instagram is the best platform for uplifting your marketing efforts, enhancing your brand influence, boosting brand awareness, and promoting your business. For better reach you can try to find the best time to post on Instagram and post on that time consistently. One strategy that marketers have been adopting is embed Instagram feed on website

There are multiple social media aggregator platforms that help in developing stunning widgets. A widget is a tool that aggregates content from various social media platforms and displays it in a unified format. You can customize and moderate the content. You get an analytics feature that provides detailed insights about your users and helps you understand them better. 

Here are some tools that can help you embed your Instagram feed on the website. 

Tools to embed Instagram feed on the website

Embedding an Instagram feed on the website opens a lot of doors for better opportunities. You can maximize your marketing efforts by attracting more customers, enhancing website performance, reducing bounce rates, almost eliminating the risk of cart abandonment, improving conversions, and much more. 

Let’s see which tools help you achieve so much. 

  1. Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox widget is an aggregator tool that offers brands and other individuals to develop Instagram and other social media feed for their websites, conferences, weddings, product launches, etc. This tool collects hashtag feed through a specific hashtag or you can also use mentions, handles, personal accounts, reels, videos, and much more. This tool is highly responsive and easy to set up.

You can customize the design and personalize the widget as per your requirements. You can change the background, edit the card style, choose from various fast-loading themes without affecting the loading time of your website, add a banner, CTA button, on-site UGC uploads feature, and much more. 

Moderating your content and displaying only relevant information on the widget is possible with Taggbox. You can eliminate any sensitive, inappropriate, or unwanted content from the widget using the profanity filter. Pin the best posts or UGC on top to highlight them. You can also send bulk requests for UGC rights and ask for permission from original content creators. 

With over 20 platforms you also get an analytics feature that provides you detailed insights about how your users are engaging with the widget. You get sentiment analysis, the number of impressions, no. of visits, click-through rates, and much more. 

You can embed the Instagram feed on any website like HTML, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. This is also a highly economical way of getting the desired results. 

  1. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is a free tool that is extremely simple to use and allows you to display Instagram photos and videos. You can fetch feeds using usernames, or specific hashtags. You can customize your widget from the many features available. You can embed the feed in a grid format, slideshow, or in photo map presentation. 

This tool offers you an HTML code that can be copied into your website backend to display your Instagram feed in real time. Any new image you post will be updated automatically within a few seconds. You get interactive variants and stunning designs to display the feed. 

  1. Instagram self-embed option 

Instagram has an in-built embedding feature that allows you to embed a single post at a time. You can also use the Instagram plugin to streamline the photos on WordPress or any other website. This self-embed feature does not allow you to customize the post. There is no auto-moderation available and only one post can be embedded at a time. 

However, if you wish to embed a single post to highlight it on the website, this is one of the most trustable tools. 

  1. Instagram feed by WebDorado

This is a plugin that allows its users to use their own feeds as well as hashtag-based feeds to be displayed on their websites. It is equipped with many customization options, themes, social sharing buttons, etc. You can showcase specific feeds using usernames, hashtags, profile links, etc. This plugin is also SEO friendly and helps in getting a higher SEO rank

  1. Instush 

With this tool, you can use Instagram photos to create wallpaper. You can choose photos from specific accounts, or use your liked photos, you can also search photos using hashtags and then create stunning wallpapers. You get to choose from 14 different, unique, and brilliant designs to put on the website. 

It is a responsive widget for Instagram galleries with beautiful effects, filters, designs, and more. This can help you boost engagement and improve the overall website performance. 

Up to you!

With the growing popularity of Instagram, brands have not missed any opportunity to utilize Instagram and boost interactions. With the growing number of users on Instagram, brands are able to reach out to a massive audience and build a better and more loyal customer base. 

By embedding the Instagram feed widget on the website you reach out to people from the first step and build better relationships. You also display your follow-worthy profile which might lead up to an increased follower base on Instagram as well. 

Choose the best tool and start the embedding process to boost user trust and enhance conversion rates. 

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