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Building a product from scratch is quite exciting and challenging at the same time. No matter how fantastic your idea is, it’s only going to work if you have the right people, and the right team on board, especially when you’re running a startup. 

However, it’s not that easy for startups to find the right software developers or software development company New York. When the competition is fierce and options are minimal, the choices become harder. That’s why, in this article, we have shared some of the best hiring tips for startups to help them find the perfect software development company and get their project started asap.

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Well, for any business, security, compliance, and data privacy are the main challenges to deal with. Even a single major data leak or data privacy law infringement can cause major consequences to your business.

4. Wrong Technology  

If you don’t follow effective software development practices and tools, failure is sure to occur. Speaking precisely, your team must know to implement iterative methodologies to maximize productivity and deliver the expected outcome.

5. Lack of Expertise 

A startup is new to the market. Initially, it’s quite challenging to find the right assets for growing your business. However, there’s an option to hire a software development company. But you still need to plan out everything from the scope creation, and ideation, to production, and post-release support. Working with a dedicated software development team can streamline the process and ensure that the project aligns with the company’s goals

Tips to Make the Right Choice When Looking for a Software Development Company 

With the global adoption of remote working patterns, more than 60% of companies outsource software development. However, it’s important to find the right match for your development needs. So, carefully evaluate your outsourcing software development company based on the following criteria – 

1. Outsourcing Location

The choice of your outsourcing location majorly impacts the pricing rates and developers’ skills.  has a market with a large talent pool, reasonable rates, and exceptional programming skills, so you can go for a software development company.

2. Time-zone

When you find a company from the same location, your working hours will be the same, so it will be nice to communicate and meet whenever you want, wherever you want. 

3. Certifications

It’s a bonus if your outsourcing software development company has got any certifications according to international standards. For example, having been certified with ISO 9001:2015 means the company follows consistent quality standards across all projects.

4. Proven Track Record

Care to check your development partner’s past track record and analyze which similar projects and technologies they have worked with. Also, check their portfolio and customer reviews to make the right choice.

5. Payment Model

Find a software development company with a suitable pricing model for your startup. The payments usually depend on time, material, dedicated team, and complexity of the project.

If you’ve shortlisted some software development companies, should know what are the potential challenges that every startup may face when going for custom software development.

5 Major Challenges Faced by Startups for Custom Software Development 

1. Unrealistic Estimation 

Software development is a costly affair. It completely depends on your budget. Additionally, based on the complexity of the project, varying needs, and lack of resources, it may take longer than expected. 

A startup company looking to have software development services must first ensure what’s their budget, by when they need the software, what audience they are targeting, and what are their key expectations from the final product. If you’re not clear with all these, you cannot expect the software development to be complete anytime soon and deliver the desired outcome as well.

2. Tunnel Vision

About 14% often lead to failure due to improper research and customer feedback, which underscores the importance of utilizing CSAT tools. You should always be prepared to make changes in your product, features, and business model based on your target audience’s feedback.

3. No Security Measures 

you can filter them based on these key pointers.


Following our useful tips and ideas can help you enhance your chances of launching a successful startup. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any risk but having an experienced software development company by your side will ensure quick resolution and timely delivery. At Cloudester, we offer a wide range of services including development consultation. Contact us to discuss your business goals with us.

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5 Ideas to Hire Software Development Company for Startups