JavaScript Libraries are vital when using animation, special effects, or complex structures. Though there are ways to accomplish tasks without them, they clearly reduce code time and provide efficient algorithms. Who could resist writing a single line of code instead of twenty?

In this article, we present 20 Amazing JavaScript libraries that let you traverse HTML, create graphs, apply rounded corners, and so much more. Each of these libraries is hand-picked by Lateral Code to provide you a better coding experience. Without further ado, let’s begin:

1. Dojo Toolkit

2. Yahoo User Interface Library

3. Prototype JS

4. JQuery

5. MochiKit

6. Ext JS

7. Open Rico

8. Qooxdoo

9. Moo Tools

10. X Library

11. Curvy Corners

12. Nifty Corners

13. Lightbox

14. Scriptaculous

15. Bytefx

16. TimePlot

17. Plotr

18. SACK

19. Smooth Gallery

20. Flickrshow

Good luck!

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20 Amazing JavaScript Libraries