Since it first began, jQuery has had a profound effect on the web design world. Its famous slogan, “write less, do more”, exemplifies its true nature and ability. Throughout the past year, hundreds of thousands of jQuery tutorials and resources have been released. They range from a simple HTML change to dynamic sliders and charts.

Below we present 15 exceptional jQuery resources and tutorials which we have hand-picked from the wide range of articles. These resources not only help you accomplish amazing things, but they do it with style and elegance. Follow along as we count down 15 of the best jQuery resources out there.

1. Thumbnail Hover Effect

This is a way to emphasize thumbnails which the users hover over. It uses minimal jQuery and CSS code, but still provides a pleasing effect.

2. JQuery Image Scroller

A comprehensive tutorial on how to create an image scroller with jQuery, AJAX, and CSS.

3. JQuery iCal Calendar

A calendar with a mind-blowing user interface and animation effects.

4. Uses of jQuery

This resource lists many sites which use jQuery in innovative ways.

5. Image Menu

Groups of images can be viewed as a menu with this jQuery tutorial.

6. Favicon For Outgoing Links

The short snippet of jQuery code provided here enables users to easily distinguish outgoing links.

7. Drag And Drop

Learn how to create a drag and drop menu with jQuery and PHP.

8. Content Slider

An advanced tutorial on how to create a content slider with jQuery.

9. Image Upload And Crop

This tutorial explains how to create an image cropping service with jQuery.

10. JQuery Gestures

Learn how to track and use gestures (mouse movements) with jQuery. The red line in the image below is a mouse drag this is being tracked. Once a certain pattern of movements is found, an event can be fired off.

11. JQuery Favelet For Documentation

This tool can be placed in the bookmarks bar of your favorite browser to easily look up documentation for jQuery.

12. JQuery Scroller

A scroller that displays multiple HTML elements with jQuery.

13. Transparent Overlay With Description

Create a transparent description and display it when the user hovers over an image with this jQuery tutorial.

14. JQuery Popup Bubble

Find out how to create a stylish jQuery popup bubble. Similar techniques are used widely around the web design world. This one explains how to accomplish the effect in an efficient manner.

15. JQuery Charts

Learn how to create intricate charts with jQuery, JSON, and PHP.

Good luck with these various jQuery resources and tutorials. I would love to hear your thoughts on these or other interesting ones!

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15 Exceptional JQuery Resources And Tutorials